iHospitality Landing Page Design
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1 Home Page


iHospitality makes it easier than ever to manage your business from home or on the move.

Whether you are on your tablet, phone or computer it is easy to access, just simply load into your account and all your history is available there which allows you to keep upto date and be able to hold people accountable if work isn’t being done correctly.

2 Devices Page


From landing page user can access web application. Web application is created for managers and business owners.

The application is available on multiple platforms for your ease of use and has been tested in the industry whilst being built to ensure that it can deal with everything that you can throw at it.

3 Devices Page


We show benefits of mobile version of iHospitality app. The main focus is, that employees can clock in, take a break and clock out from their own smartphone. Also employees are able to see task assigned for them specifically.

A huge part of the app is the ability to view your history, that is everything from historic staff hours down to your checklists and stock lists and we store all the data for you for 7 years so you always have the opportunity to go back and check anything you wish at the touch of a button.

4 Devices Page


Tablet version of iHospitality app gives more options comparing to regular smartphone.

The tablet shows more info at once and also can be mounted on a specific spot to be used by multiple employees, which can authenticate their actions by a 4 digit pin code.

5 Branding


Landing page color follow original iHospitality branding palette. Blues, greys and whites are primary colors used. Also we largely use images to interact with user deeply showing real examples of app usage.


We use bold and vivid fonts. Roboto and Open Sand are a proven solution, that always looks and works well on all browsers, phones, tablets. We worked carefully on text alignments, altered kerning, spacing, etc.

6 Features


We developed custom icon set to highlight key app features. Icons are created in minimalistic style using 2 colors. We payed attention to every small details to be sure website will look well planned and professional.