Easy and comfortable way to monitor heart rate at any place. Collect, review, print EKGs from your phone.



EKG application

The main app goal is to be a hub for all EKGs measured on SonoHealth device. Core audience is elderly people, that need to monitor their heart rate.

Roadmap Development:

  • Support iOS and Android devices, plus tablets.
  • App structure was planned considering elderly people as the target audience.
  • Fast and easy access to all app features through intuitive interface.
  • Effortless onboarding procedure, where user only turns on device and pairing happens automatically.
  • Detaily planned EKG sorting structure to see heart rate changing patterns.
  • Deep thinking behind first user login, main focus is, that everything happens effortless.



Application architecture

Wireframing had numerous iteration to find the easiest and the most elegant way for target audience to use the app. Multiple interactive prototypes were developed and tested to find the best app structure.


Sign in

Login & Register

Standard registration process to gather all the required information from the user, so the app and device will work considering personal info.


Device can set a preliminary diagnosis based on a calculation from a built in neural network. Device is capable of defining 13 different preliminary diagnoses. We took that into consideration and display diagnosis for every record on home screen.


Home Page


Homepage gives easy access to any part of the application. We implemented a color coded diagnosis changes, so user will be able to learn that something is wrong from a first glance.

Also we highlighted in a contrast way other important pieces of information. Date sorting is also done in most simple, yet elegant way to browse through records effortlessly. Also user has single and promiminet button on homepage to sync with SonoHealth device.


During synchronization process we decided to show some hints and useful information related to heart health issues accompanying it with nice animation that indicates data transfer process.

Data from SonoHealth device is transferred via bluetooth protocol to mobile application. Our developers performed numerous testing to make that transfer as fast as possible.




When user opens EKG detail page, clear and well structured data is presented. User can scroll, zoom, share and print specific EKG. App is able to generate PDF document to be printed or shared via email.




We developed simple and intuitive process to help user connect SonoHealth device to mobile app. User is guided through a simple 3 step process. At every step animation is showed to help user set up everything easily. Animation is followed by text instructions also.




App prevails with contrast, yet cold and calm colors. Dark blue color was chosen, as it has assuaging effect. Font colors are dark blue, grey and white. For diagnosis coding we have red and green colors, which indications are very obvious.