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IT outstaffing for your business

Outstaffing is a fine way to cover growing demand in IT sector. It is a very fine resolution for the problem of skilled Human Resources.

With Outstaffing you outsource the best app programmers for hire. They work for defined budget. You do not have overhead costs. Money-wise it is a very efficient model.

Time-wise outstaffing is also very beneficial. Companies rarely have in house highly skilled IT person. If they do not, it will be harsh to find a professional for a given project.


iOS Developer
8+ years experience

UI / Unit Tests


per week

Android Developer
6+ years experience

Android Studio
Google in-app billing


per week

PHP developer
6+ years experience

Yii framework
Firebase SDK
Stripe SDK


per week

UI designer
2+ years experience

After Effects
User Experience Design


per week


Years of experience


Number of specialists

In-house vs Outsourcing

Outsourcing has a lot of advantages compared to in-house devops. One of the points is that using outsourcing your company can hire a professional to solve specific task for one project. And if the skills of specific developer are no longer needed, there will be no problem letting him go. From this we can learn financial benefits, as specialists are hired on a per project basis.
Also when a digital startup is thinking about outsourcing a lot of costs can be saved on investing into software products for developers, hardware, new working space. Hiring contractors means that they have already included software and hardware costs into their estimate or hourly rate.

Why choose outstaffing?

Quick response

The hiring process usually takes a lot of time. A specialized software development company can provide you with a high-quality software development team much faster.


Outsourcing empowers you to procure an expert temporarily, as indicated by the necessities of your undertaking or explicit business tasks.


Every project is explicit and needs a group formed by the particular prerequisites. By re-appropriating, you can scale up the group of experts concentrated precisely for that particular project.

Short term commitment

While you need a specialist in a field for a particular undertaking, there is no need to bother with hiring problems. Re-appropriating IT specialists on an undertaking premise empowers you to get the best just when you need it the most.

Reduced costs

Top-level developers can’t be beneficial all the time. Outsourcing can get you an abnormal state of profitability at decreased expenses. For instance, statistics demonstrate that with outsourcing the savings on overhead costs can be up to 60%.